'I can't recommend EHF enough; best decision I've ever made!'

I Can’t Recommend EHF Downham Market Enough.

'My contract was about to expire from my previous fitness centre but after feeling like I wasn't getting the results I wanted, and feeling generally disheartened by the whole experience, I decided it was time for a change.

A friend of mine had recommended EHF Downham Market so I thought I would pop in and see for myself; the friendly, lively atmosphere was very welcoming and I felt at ease straight away when chatting to the staff.

After discussing programmes etc. and what would be best for me to achieve the fitness level I wanted, I joined straight away! I actually love going to the gym now and have gone from 132Kgs to 108Kgs in just 6 months!

Never did I think it was possible for me to run 50 miles…but I did!

I have always admired long distance runners but then I heard all about the crazy distances ultra runners complete.

Hearing Ash talk with such passion about his ultra running experiences made me wish to one day be able to run an ultra myself.

Never did I think he would believe in me enough to coach me to my first ultra....but he did!
I really enjoyed my sessions in the gym. The programs were varied, fun and tough! The EHF staff never got tired of me asking the same questions, and the friendly atmosphere made each session even more enjoyable. The coaching I received in terms of strength-based programs, interval sessions, long runs and nutrition made me physically and mentally stronger, and able to run distances I never thought possible.

When the training got tough and on the days when I felt like giving up I could be sure that Ash and the EHF staff would help me find the motivation and strength I needed to keep going and to never give up.

Never did I think it was possible for me to run 50 miles...but I did!

Thanks to the incredible coaching Ash and the EHF staff deliver, and the great facilities
the gym has to offer, I am starting to believe that just maybe 100 miles may one day be achievable!