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At EHF Swaffham and EHF Downham Market, we take your health and fitness personally. The relationships we forge with our members are very important to us so we’ve made sure our experienced team is filled with fantastic, energetic instructors who are always ready to help and encourage you.

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Take Your Cycling Seriously ?

Tips For Cyclists Training Through Winter

Now the winter weather is coming in and the road conditions are getting less pleasant (and less safe!) you might be spending more time on the turbo or in the gym..

But, do you know what you're doing ?

Most cyclists just winter train as hard as they can for as long as they can, but is that really helping you develop your fitness?

Traditionally winter training is when cyclists and triathletes work on their strength and aerobic base. So, weight based resistance training and long steady state sessions done in the aerobic zone of around 60% of max (the pace at which you can still talk and hold a conversation without being out of breath).

'Steady state' sounds easy and it sounds boring, and in many ways it is. But if want to develop your energy systems and bring about the necessary adaptions for metabolic flexibility this is necessary!

How about setting up your cross trainer or rower, sticking in your headphones and 'zoning out' for an hour or two with your favourite album or book!

Base training develops the aerobic energy system, it is also a good time to experiment with the 'train low' principle to improve fat oxidation prior to upping carbs ready for when you up the intensity as the race season approaches.

It works for the Team Sky Riders!

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